• What To Look For In A Pet Sitter

    3 monthes ago - By Cats International

    If you are planning a trip and can't take your furry family with you, consider hiring a professional pet-sitter to care for your loved ones in your home. Cats feel more secure in their own home environment and with the proper care and attention will be less stressed by your absence if left at home. The following list provided by the National Association of Pet-Sitters will help you select a suitable sitter.
    Is the pet-sitter bonded? Does the pet-sitter have commercial liability insurance?
    Is the pet-sitter willing to provide references?
    Does the pet-sitter furnish written literature...
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  • Incredible Journeys By Incredible Cats

    Incredible Journeys By Incredible Cats

    3 monthes ago - By Cats International

    There are two types of a homing journey made by cats. The first type occurs after a pet has been stolen, given away to another owner, moves with the family to another house, or gets lost a long way from home. Here the challenge is to return to a familiar home base after starting out in unfamiliar surroundings. Although this may sound difficult, there are many authenticated cases where this has been accomplished with apparent ease and in a very short space of time. The explanations for this ability center around the cat's sensitivity to the earth's magnetic forces.
    More difficult to explain...
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  • Family Pet Or Family Member

    Family Pet Or Family Member

    3 monthes ago - By Cats International

    A national survey of 1,049 pet owners conducted by the American Animal Hospital Association indicates that the pet/human bond is stronger than most individuals would openly admit.
    Of the survey respondents:
    75% of dog owners and 69% of cat owners spend at least 45 minutes to more than one hour each day engaged in activities with their pets.
    69% of dog owners and 60% of cat owners said that they give their pets as much attention as they would to their children.
    57% said feline family members sleep with them, while 59% said their canine family members either sleep on, under, or next to, the...
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