• If Your Dog Breed Is On This List, Make Sure You're Cleaning Their Ears Weekly!

    One year ago - By iHeart Dogs

    According to Nationwide Pet Insurance , ear infections were the top reason people visited a veterinarian in 2016 . This painful condition could be alleviated if dog owners were more consistent about caring for their dog's ears, such as frequent inspections, and weekly cleanings.
    Which Dog Breeds Get The Most Ear Infections?
    If your dog has floppy ears, in other words, the ear itself folds down over the ear canal, they are at a higher risk than other dogs for infections. The following breeds are particularly prone to ear troubles:
    Golden Retriever
    Portugeuse Water...
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  • This Is The 1 Most Common Reason Dogs See The Vet. Is Your Pup at Risk?

    This Is The 1 Most Common Reason Dogs See The Vet. Is Your Pup at Risk?

    One year ago - By iHeart Dogs

    With all the health hazards that our canine friends come in contact with everyday, it's amazing that the most common reason for vet visits is ear infections. According to Nationwide pet insurance, in 2016 ear infection visits outnumbered skin allergies, arthritis, hot spots , soft tissue trauma, intestinal inflammation, hypothyroidism, tumors and eye infections.
    According to Vetary.com , The Veterinarian Cost for Ear Infection Treatment is $200 - $3,500*
    There are various causes for ear infections. The most common is water, which gets trapped in the ear due to the shape of a dog's ear...
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