• Renting An Apartment When You Own A Dog

    2 years ago - By Dog Notebook

    Photo credit: Bigstock

    Finding a place to stay when you own a dog can be tricky and following the rules is usually a good idea.
    If you like a building that doesn't allow pets you better move right on and find a pet-friendly building with an apartment you like. Cat owners have it easier as they can even hide their little fury friends if they are not particularly vocal.
    Dog owners can seldom hide their pooches so if you are looking to rent a condo it better be dog friendly .
    Not surprisingly, smaller dog breeds are more acceptable than their much larger counterparts (good luck finiding...
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  • Top 12 Least Popular Breeds

    Top 12 Least Popular Breeds

    2 years ago - By Dog Notebook

    Photo credit: Bigstock
    All breeds are special and adorable in their own way, and therefore each of them has their own fan base. However, there are some breeds that aren't generally popular among their two-legged friends and they have the tendency of sinking into obscurity which can even led them to the brink of extinction.
    Sadly enough, these 12 breeds have seen better days.
    1. The English Foxhound

    Who can not like an adorable pair of huge, sparkly eyes?
    Especially when they're paired with a pair of goofy ears that flop around like silly?
    Well, it seems that some people don't...
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  • A Summer To Remember

    A Summer To Remember

    2 years ago - By World Bird Sanctuary

    At some point in our lives we have all been stamped with the title of being a "first timer." Whether it is your first time attending college, working at your first real job, or being a part of a major accomplishment, t here is always a first time for everything.
    This year especially has resulted in a lot of "firsts" for me, including my first time as a speaker and bird trainer for the World Bird Sanctuary bird shows presented at the Milwaukee County Zoo. I started off as an intern for the World Bird Sanctuary, or WBS, during the fall after I graduated from college.
    My internship taught...
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  • Great Fall Migration Weekend in New York City

    Great Fall Migration Weekend in New York City

    2 years ago - By 10,000 Birds

    We have had days of northwest winds in New York and the birds have taken full advantage of the favorable conditions to hightail it south. We birders have been doing our best to get out as much as possible and I'm no exception. (Surprise!) Though sparrows tend to be the main focus of mid-to-late October birding here in New York City there are still plenty of other birds to see like the Eastern Phoebe up above. Enjoy this photo-heavy post and get out and see some birds!
    Lark Sparrow was a bird I thought I was going to miss this year but this one popped up for me at Fort Tilden on Thursday...
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  • Myths About Removing Ticks: Busted!

    Myths About Removing Ticks: Busted!

    2 years ago - By Pet Health Central

    What do you do when faced with a tick that's attached itself to one of your beloved pets? Ticks spread disease and they are easily preventable. But, if your prevention plan has not been put into effect and you have to pry the little sucker (literally) out of your beagle's backside, I'm here to help.
    There's a whole library full of bad, dangerous and silly misinformation about tick removal out there on the Internet and I want to help dispel some of it. You could spend your whole life debunking the slew of old wives' tales about tick removal and only barely scratch the surface. Some of the...
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