• Animal Friends presents: Critter Camp Wrap-Up

    2 years ago - By Animal Friends

    Guest Blogger: Casey Stuver, Critter Camp Intern
    Animal Friends is pleased to announce a successful close to the 2015 Summer Camp season. We held our biggest season yet - 15 sessions over 8 weeks. A big thank you to our campers - our animals, staff, and volunteers enjoyed having you here!
    Critter Camp
    Over the course of four weeks, 32 kindergarten and first graders joined our camp teachers, Ms. Ashley Phoenix and Ms. Kelly Miller, and adult and teen volunteers for a three-day camp to learn about and tour our shelter, meet many animals, and create crafts for the bunnies, rabbits, and...
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  • Deaf PitBull's Emotional Response To Soldier Coming Home Is Too Sweet To Handle

    Deaf PitBull's Emotional Response To Soldier Coming Home Is Too Sweet To Handle

    2 years ago - By iHeart Dogs


    This story is so incredible we don't even know where to start! This is Cotton, a sweet, affectionate Pit Bull that was rescued in 2009 when his dad, Phil, came home from serving in Afghanistan and wanted a companion. Cotton is deaf, but that didn't stop him from becoming trained as Phil's service dog. Phil now serves in the Oregon National Guard and was gone all weekend long during a drill. Cotton missed him dearly and has been waiting by the door for him to come home. When the two are reunited it's too sweet to even handle! One weekend might seem short for many people...
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  • 12 Dog Breeds With Type A Personalities

    12 Dog Breeds With Type A Personalities

    2 years ago - By iHeart Dogs

    Competitive, impatient and sensitive - these are three commonly used words to describe people with Type A personalities. In dogs, we see these traits as active, intense and reactive. Dogs with Type A personalities are often sensitive to their owners, reactive and sometimes aggressive toward strangers and other animals and very active and high drive. These breeds typically excel at various jobs and sports and are recommended for experienced owners. They may be intense, but they're great dogs.
    1 - Border Collie
    Border Collies are one of the few herding dogs that are still widely used for...
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  • Animal Protection Group Files USDA Request to Revoke Traveling Circus Act License

    Animal Protection Group Files USDA Request to Revoke Traveling Circus Act License

    2 years ago - By Animal Legal Defense Fund

    For immediate release:
    August 27, 2015
    Megan Backus, Media Relations Manager
    [Washington, D.C.] - Today, the national nonprofit, Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) filed a request with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for investigation of Orlando, Florida-based PM Productions Entertainment, Inc. and its owner, Robert Mullen for violations of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA). Last weekend, several national media outlets reported shocked visitors at the Missouri State Fair describing emaciated, lethargic tigers performing circus tricks during Mr. Mullen's Amazing...
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  • Building Mussels at the Zoo? An Exercise in Freshwater Conservation

    Building Mussels at the Zoo? An Exercise in Freshwater Conservation

    2 years ago - By Minnesota Zoo

    By: Matt McLaughlin, Life Support Systems Coordinator The Minnesota Zoo has always placed great emphasis on conserving wildlife. While we've been on the forefront of conservation efforts for easily recognizable international species such as the Amur tiger and black rhino, in the last several years the zoo has increased its focus on lesser known species native to Minnesota. Freshwater mussels play an important role in Minnesota's aquatic ecosystems. There are around 50 species native to Minnesota, 5 of which are endangered at the national level. Mussels are an excellent indicator of the...
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  • Animal Corner - Père David's Deer

    Animal Corner - Père David's Deer

    2 years ago - By Animal Safari

    Photo Credit: Airwolfhound
    "Père" is the French word for "Father," which might seem an odd name for a deer, but this species was actually first discovered in 1866 by Father Armand David, a French missionary in China.
    These animals have unusual feature including cow-like hooves, a camel-like neck, a donkey-like black tufted tail and the antlers of a deer. Other unusual features of this deer are the antlers of the males, which has tines that point upwards!
    Père David's Deer are completely extinct in the wild and only exist in captivity. There are conservation attempts to reintroduce them...
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  • Louisiana Pine Snake Conservation

    Louisiana Pine Snake Conservation

    2 years ago - By Phoenix Zoo

    This August, the Phoenix Zoo, along with four other Association of Zoos and Aquariums ( AZA ) facilities, contributed to reintroduction efforts of the Louisiana pine snake. The snake is native to the longleaf pine ecosystem in northwestern Louisiana and eastern Texas. Originally found in nine parishes in Louisiana and 14 counties in Texas, as a result of habitat loss, they currently exist in only a few Louisiana parishes and have been extirpated from Texas. Heavy commercial logging occurred from 1870 to 1920 in this area resulting in significant habitat loss with only 3 percent of the...
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