• The 13th Successful National Animal Law Competitions

    2 years ago - By Animal Legal Defense Fund

    Center for Animal Law Studies
    The Center for Animal Law Studies (CALS) in collaboration with the Animal Legal Defense Fund was pleased to present the 13th annual National Animal Law Competitions (NALC) this month, hosted at Harvard Law School. This event brings students, animal law scholars and advocates, and state and federal judges together to explore a number of interesting and challenging legal issues within the field of animal law. The competition has three different components, including Appellate Moot Court, Closing Argument, and Legislative Drafting and Lobbying. Through these...
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  • Hello and kisses to my favorite peeps at Woodbury AHS.   I

    Hello and kisses to my favorite peeps at Woodbury AHS.   I

    2 years ago - By Happy Tails

    And kisses to my favorite peeps at Woodbury AHS.

    I thank you for your special care. I ended up at a
    rather weird place, but I LOVE it here, I am so happy, and I'm going to stay.
    New mom says I will come in to visit you soon, but not until I've had my spa
    day which is scheduled for March 13th, I'm going with Sophie!! Mom says when
    SHE needs a haircut, she drops her head upside down and cuts, but we go to a
    spa for the day. I want to be a handsome boy, but it's going to take my
    tail months to grow out from the weird short cut someone did. But I will be
    very handsome, indeed. Can't...
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  • Selene (formerly Lucy) has been a WONDERFUL kitty and addition

    Selene (formerly Lucy) has been a WONDERFUL kitty and addition

    2 years ago - By Happy Tails

    Selene (formerly Lucy) has been a WONDERFUL kitty and addition to our household. She
    really likes playing fetch with hair ties and going out on the patio to watch
    birds. She also likes to "help" with laundry by laying in it once it's
    right out of the dryer. We got a beta fish a couple weeks ago and she
    diligently watches him but knows she can't touch. She's a little feisty at
    night, especially around 4 a.m. when she decides that's when it's time to pounce
    on our feet or meow till we're awake to feed her. She's so silly though, she
    gets jealous when we cuddle and HAS to be the center...
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  • Birds in Winter

    Birds in Winter

    2 years ago - By Ornithology

    Blue Jay
    Winter is a tough time for birds. Most insect eating birds have made their way to the tropics of Central or South America, others have migrated down from higher latitudes or altitudes to winter in the valley, and some birds just stay put. The non-migratory species around northern California such as the Western Scrub Jay, Spotted Towhee, or House Finch not only have to tolerate winter conditions compete for food from the winter visitors such as Dark-eyed Juncos and White-and Golden-crowned Sparrows.
    Birds are warm-blooded, or, more accurately, homeothermic . This means that they...
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  • Bird Baths

    Bird Baths

    2 years ago - By Ornithology

    Eurasian Starlings
    Bird baths are as important as bird feeders as birds can almost always find sources of food but sometimes, especially in the winter when water sources are frozen, water is hard to come by. Aside from the obvious reason that birds use water for their metabolism, but they also need it to preen their feathers, important for keeping them in good shape for flight, display, and insulation. But of course birds need water in the summer as well, especially in very hot and dry areas.
    Only some birds visit feeders - mainly seedeaters- but all kinds of birds visit bird baths. So...
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  • Getting a Birder a Common Bird

    Getting a Birder a Common Bird

    2 years ago - By 10,000 Birds

    You don't know how hard it is to see a common bird until you try to get someone else to see one. This is the lesson I learned at the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival back in January when a young birder, Noah Kuck, let me know that he really wanted to see a Carolina Wren . He let me know this at the end of a field trip to Salt Lake Wildlife Management Area during which I had heard several wrens doing their "Teakettle Teakettle Teakettle" song but hadn't really tried to get anyone on to one other than announcing that I heard one singing the first time I heard one sing. Because...
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  • Ask A Vet: If Dogs Can Smell Fear, Does It Matter Whose Fear It Is?

    Ask A Vet: If Dogs Can Smell Fear, Does It Matter Whose Fear It Is?

    2 years ago - By iHeart Dogs

    Studies have shown that dogs are able to sniff emotions and dog lovers instinctively know it's true. But did you know that dogs have asymmetrical noses when it comes to fear odors? The suggestion is that they can "feel" or perceive emotional scents differently depending on the source. If you are the source, your dog's sensitivity is very different than other sources.
    Although studies in the past have reported asymmetries in the nostril use of dogs when sniffing various emotion based stimuli, a new study found that the nostril used depends on if the scent is human based...
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