• Departures: The Chimney Swift for one

    5 monthes ago - By Delaware Valley Birding

    Ever seen a perched Chimney Swift? Probably not.
    Do you know what an "FOY" is? What about an "FOS"?
    Birders keeping track of their bird list for the year often refer to these sightings. FOY = First of the year. FOS = First of the season. I just had my FOS Broad-winged Hawk today at Heinz National Wildlife Refuge. I'm not really doing a big year but am keeping track of what I see in Philly this year and I had my FOY Little Blue Heron at Heinz NWR two days ago.
    As birders we're pretty good at noting new arrivals. They're fun. All of a sudden something is present that wasn't there before...
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